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The third record from the YOIONWAX series by YOI absorb a lot of sun, powerful vibes and funky grooves.

YOIONWAXOO3 continues the limited-edition vinyl only series with excellent house music on board and animated artwork.

This time, on both sides of the record, a collective of musicians from Argentina, Chile and the Netherlands gathered, whose tracks take us on a journey through the universe.

This fascinating journey begins the track “SpaceFunk” of a musician from Chile – Astre. Funky vibe is enhanced by Dutchman Jesse Jacob with his track “Dem Funk”. Opens side B and takes us into outer space the track from a duo from Argentina – Lafet, named “Cuarzo”. The track “Space Trip” of another Argentinian musician – Cosenza, leaves us in weightlessness to traverse the universe.

Our branded animated artwork helps us to find ourselves in space. Do not forget that if you point your phone camera with a flash on the record label during playback, the artworks will come to life. This time, on the B side, everyone can see a rocket flying through the stars. The same rocket that we all find ourselves on while listening to YOIONWAXOO3

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