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Label: | BL001

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With a serious display of deep and groovy vibes, Breidenbach Label establishes itself as a musical force to be reckoned with. As one of the major protagonists of the local scene in Heidelberg, it was only a matter of time before they gathered for a first release. By putting together a compilation of both young and experienced artists from their community, the label is following its vision of a diverse and vibrant underground culture.

Starting off strongly on the A side, the already well established FilOu delivers a groovy, bassline driven dancefloor weapon. By blending floating sounds with piercing hats and well placed stabs, he manages once again to deliver his very own characteristic sound. On top, legendary Marko Nastić can be heard on remix duty, transforming FilOu’s track into a well arranged minimal joint, that lets its dubby bassline and playful tops speak for themself.

Next up on the B side the local heroes of “Amsterdam and Heidelberg” in the form of Robert Tylutki and Micha Darius team up for a high spirited dubby expedition into a rather spherical and hypnotic world. Attaining its touch through Micha’s unmistakeable voice this track gives the EP an unexpected and exciting twist. By picking up the “walky” vibe of B1 and turning it into a running hip shaker rounded out by well-placed atmospheric elements, young talent KliX accomplishes this 4-track extravaganza in proper style.

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