Label: | VQ085

The mighty Visionquest label returns to celebrate 10 outstanding years in the game with a fantastic offering of new music!

The EP is the first various artist EP in a series of 3, with each 12″ featuring unique artwork by Christopher Mohn, formerly of Dance Spirit.

Ryan Crosson and Francesco Tristano kick things of with the beautiful, up-tempo jam, “Kerosene Years”. It’s full of crisp, bright percussion and synths that oscillate between bouncy and dreamy Detroit to Berlin vibes. Arpeggiators that at times resemble steel drums dance around leading into beautiful piano chords and rhythmic riffs. The energy is high and full of class.

Lee Curtiss rolls in with his inimitable sound on “The Dogma Ate My Homework”. A bad boy bassline provides a floor bookended by his late night vocals and a synth filled bridge showcasing his sublime melodic side before slapping back to focus on the bass. The kick is big, the drums are sharp and it’s primed to crush a dancefloor.

Shaun Reeves and Seth Troxler start the B side with “For the Ages”. The listener is immediately dropped into a cosmic world of space age keys and twisting vocals. The drums are patient and forward moving, providing a bed for drenched vocals both spoken and sung. All the while we hear sounds that resemble shooting stars and comets gliding through space and time.

The EP finishes with “Laverne’s Day Off” by Laverne Radix aka Maayan Nidam. No time is wasted getting right into a bumping bass and dope vocal loops, cool synths and guitar lines. Different elements of the percussion start and stop to build tension and release sections perfectly before we drop right back into vocal chops that dance with a playful attitude.

It’s a fantastic offering from the label heads with their close friends and surely a great intro to what will be a stellar series to celebrate 10 years of this genre defining imprint!

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