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Small Great Tunes Vol. 2 is another strong compilation of original tracks (three on each side) by artists of the Small Great Things. label. The record starts with “Something Hot”, a collaboration of Marc Brauner & Luca Olivotto, a truly hot dancefloor shaker based on groovy basslines and chord stabs, spiced up with vocals and saxophone chops. A2, “Malf Hoon” by UC Beatz, is a warm sounding, smooth house track with a rave-like bass sound and long, progressive percussion buildups. The A-side culminates with “Down Mode” by Lis Sarroca, an 80s-inspired bassy house track, which is slightly darker and suited for heavier sets. The B side starts with “House Nation” by Marcus Raute, a straight-forward house banger in the tradition of the genre. You get groovy piano chords, a strong house bassline, vocal “yeahs” etc. A simply great tune with a lot of power. “Dorado” by Kid Simius is a dreamy and slightly eclectic tune with moody Juno sounds, subtle guitar solos and a beautiful storytelling voice in the breaks. “From Back In The Day” by Habibi Grooves, the last track on the B-side is a deep tune with techy percussions and moody synthesizer loops. The heavy sounding rhythm section in this one makes sure it’s distinctive in any house music set. “Small Great Tunes Vol. 2”, the fourth vinyl record by the Small Great Things. label featuring 6 original tracks is surely a must-have for DJs and lovers of house music. Delivering a unique variety of bangers and tooly tracks it will prove to be very useful in sets and boutique record collections alike.

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