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Eagervision is back with a bang a year after its first vinyl-only release. This new compilation pushes the quality even higher, merging four top-notch tracks from some of the label’s top producers, each one bringing a special touch to it while following a common leitmotif of crisp, futuristic, house beats.

Alffie has been perfecting a fresh and original minimal sound that is exemplified in the opening track “Be Bop”, a flawless piece of quality modern house music. The energic A-Side continues with ‘Directionless’ by Leeds’ producer Pük, a middle-of-the-night microhouse tune that feels ready to smash the dancefloor.

On the B-Side the sound gets calmer, but also deeper. The affirmed Romanian producer Octave dives deep in a collaboration with a new face for Eagervision, Specter, while the Italo-Romanian duo Nedeea close the LP in style with the mysterious ‘Suflet’.

There’s no doubt: Eagervision is taking it to the next level, perfecting its sound and contributing to innovating the scene by telling a story with every single release.

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