/ / - Native Beat EP


Label: | VAR001

Style: / /

Steve O’sullivan

The colder months bring about a new season and a new sister label to the already flying BienAimer Music imprint. Variant is set to become a home to a more underground dub focused sound. It is also the new alias of label founder Maco and dub techno originator Steve O’Sullivan. Nu school sensibilities meet timeless production on ‘Native Beat’ EP. The rock solid deeper and deep dub techno two tracker begins with ‘Bardot Is Talkin’ and the lighter than air pads cling to the elongated dub tones that stretch to infinity. ‘Composition’ on the B-side takes things up a notch with deep rebounding bass tones, reverb laden synth stabs and the type of ethereal vocal stutterings from a forgotten dream. As with its older sibling Variant has already established a new angle in electronic music and the journey is only beginning.

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