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The 8th release on French label Sounds Benefit comes in a carefully curated package featuring Frankfurt’s Phil Evans, Def Engine, Rube Goldberg Series founder Bowyer and Tom Joyce, head of the label. Opener ‘Bell Skit’ from Pager Records co-creator Phil Evans has an inevitable warm and infectious vibe – exactly what you are after – fluttering pads shimmer around the cosy body of the track, combined with shuffling drum work. Cut from a more direct cloth is Marco Bley aka Def Engine, with a slick and minimal edit of his track ‘Escape Moot’ released in 96 on Din A1 records. On the B side, UK producer Bowyer delivers ‘Big Beat Manifesto’, a breezy summer track with a deeper energy than the three others, a young and talented producer to keep an eye on over the coming period. A fitting addition to the VA as Tom has just found himself releasing on Bowyer’s, Rube Goldberg Series, an exchange of tracks between the two, each sitting comfortably on the others label. Closing out the record is Sounds Benefit founder, Tom Joyce, almost six minutes of bliss, dreamy synths melt into the snappy bass line, a classy production from the Paris based artist.

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