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Seattle vinyl imprint Rhizome Records presses its second release: Mithra AM. Longtime Seattle favorite Summit Dub provides the title track “Mithra AM” with side B featuring two remixes via our Romanian friends. Cosmin Năstasă aka Cosmjn and BRYZ are two of the brightest talents in Romanian minimal, each offering an intriguing take on “Mithra AM”.

“Mithra AM” on side A patiently gathers steam, generating tension alongside an alluring vocal that calls out to ethereal morning hours. As the atmosphere expands in the second half of the track warmth arrives in lush waves.

Cosmjn’s remix is up first on side B of the EP, picking up the pace and dipping into afterhours moods. Enveloping bass suspends lingering threads of the side A original while an acid melody charges into new territory.

Side B closes out with BRYZ’s remix which lightens the mood and adds a playful bounce and mysterious flashes of tribal sounds. BRYZ’s treatment caps a versatile EP designed to captivate exploratory dance spaces.

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