- Spacefunk EP



Label: | LAAVAA001

I am very proud to have Spacefunk EP by Stussko aka Chris Stussy & Djoko on LAATE sub label. It is some of the best House Music that I have ever heard in a long time. To the menu : 4 tracks dedicated to the dancefloor. It’s Deep House, Groovy, Tool, Modern Tech House, always is a good way, smart and specific.You couldn’t resist, welcome on LAATE VAARIATION

Elastic bass creates a sense of urgency in “Bangin Out”, the last of the EP which takes up the whole of the B-side. A real abrupt and direct track, the kind that leaves the crowd in a trance when utilised in the right moment, creating suspense in the club room before elevating to the next track. A tinge of acid and intelligent keys arrangement make this masterpiece.

This is Boo Williams at his finest once more, landing on a label that is not afraid to push a variety of sounds as long as the consistent quality is there. A real nod to sounds of the past, no egos in sight, just plain and simple effective dance floor sounds from one of the heroes of this vibe.

Clayton Guifford ( Label Manager )

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