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Nick Beringer debuts on INFUSE to open the label’s 2021 schedule, offering up his stellar ‘Blue Blood’ EP.

A rising DJ and producer at the heart of Berlin’s minimal house scene, Rubisco boss Nick Beringer has formed a growing reputation as a ‘go-to’ artist for quality productions across the genre in recent years, with his diverse
discography welcoming material via the likes of Raum…Musik, Taverna Tracks, Mulen Records and Berg Audio to name just a few. With a sound fusing classic Detroit house and techno with more modern shades, ranging from electro-tinged elements through to more dubby textures, the German talent kickstarts 2021 with an impressive debut outing on FUSE sister imprint INFUSE as he delivers his four-track ‘Blue Blood’ EP.

Lead cut ‘Concave’ is a perfect example of Beringer’s ability to fuse genres and nuances with ease and fluidity as skipping percussion licks guide skittering sci-fi electronics and sweeping atmospherics throughout an up-front EP opener, whilst vinyl only cut ‘Aint Got Nobody’ delves into deeper realms as squelching basslines merge with icy hats and infectious vocal iterations. The lively title cut ‘Blue Blood’ opens the B-Side in style as warping synths weave amongst aquatic melodies and deep sub-bass, before closing out proceedings via the dynamic, off-kilter tones of final production ‘Second Hand Emotion’.

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