- Mirage EP



Label: | LM001

Style: / / /

For their inaugural release, Los Angeles based label, Like.Minded teams up with Wyro, and his cutting edge, no-frills minimal. Title track Mirage kicks off the EP with a wandering yet driving arp rounded out by a masterfully compressed bassline. The A2, Monsoon and its blanket of grand piano offer up an understated, uplifting resolve. Sprouts brings the EP back to the dancefloor – but this time an ear catching breakbeat swing paired with a lush, pitch-bent chord and breezy vocal sample carry the mind to a deeper, more spacious place. Wrapping up the EP, BRYZ gives his take on Sprouts adding to the percussion a subtle shuffle and clean analog keys. Essential textured cuts for the discerning DJ. Vinyl only.

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