- Provincha EP



Label: | PRV01

Provincha represents the first release of the label with the same name.
This release is an ode to the everyday provincial life, as the 4 tracks tell the story of an ordinary day with its highs and lows.

As you can guess the first track named Breakfast on the A-side has a little kick to it, a sparkle of energy, just like the first sip of coffee in the morning and prepares the listener for the next challenge which is the second track, Brunch.

Brunch is more energetic, with a melody and drums arrangement set up for a dynamic lunch (as part of the day).

On the other side you will find Dinner, the original version and one of the Remixes. B-side slows down the pace of the release,
so both versions represent the ways in which one approaches the evening/dinner.

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