- Magic Plush


Label: | PLSH001

Plush Managements Incorporated; the OG lux & lavish party starters. Lifelong friends and associates Regular Fantasy & D. Tiffany welcome you to their flamboyantly finessed world of plush, soft and subtle dance-floor realness with their inaugural release on Plush Records. A 6 track EP referencing r&b mega-hits and naughty pop nuance, adding their signature tongue in cheek genius to create an irresistible collection of straight up sumptuous hits. Merging as Plush Managements Inc, producing individually and welcoming esteemed collaborators Bea S-P and DJ Chrysalis, Magic Plush is the riotous celebration 2020 has been craving.

Immediately infectious, the A side bursts to life, modestly bumping and rolling, bleep injections oozing over bright, brilliant stabs, “Slow Prayer” illuminated; read my, body language. A2 “Mr Mailman feat. Bea S.P.” aka the official unofficial anthem of the year. Contagious & outrageous, strut worthy, sexy opulence. Deliciously demanding lyrics you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. DJ Chrysalis from Down Under™ joins Regfant for a tech driven switch up of teenage lore “We like to Party” – Ring the alarm!

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