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Kharkiv label Trance Pandemic did not have to wait long for the announcement of the next release and already in september plans to release a new work Komponente and Kurilo, known for their love of trance and acid. The album “Lord Of Destruction”, consisting of four dashing tracks, justifies the name with its energy, which quickly brings to consciousness from summer drowsiness.

“Lord Of Destruction”, which opens the pawn – the real master of destruction, an extraordinary track, which is designed to conquer the dance floor with its non-linear bass lines and smooth pedal arrangements, including the singing of Elina Elian and the voice of Kurilo. “Magnifico” is a mysterious trance xenomorph. The multifaceted “Etat” starts from a state of ecstatic joy, and then carries to the depths of the subconscious. “Oblivion” is an acid forgetting of this record, a message in which vocal samples and esid stuffing, seasoned with good blip techno are intertwined.

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