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Returning to French label Happiness Therapy is Vancouver based producer Jesse Bru, with his first LP in 9 years ! Influenced by early 90’s hip-hop’s use of samples, Jesse Bru’s sample-heavy music production style is highlighted in this diverse 15 tracks release spanning from Anthemic Summery House to Jazzy Emotional Electro.

This double vinyl album welcomes you with a dreamy opening track, leading into 3 heady raw houses tracks with jazzy keys, high paced breaks, and nostalgic trance chords. On the flip side, there are 3 breathtaking tracks ranging from soulful uplifting breaks to introspective emo electro demonstrating Jesse Bru’s extensive knowledge of a diversity of genres.

On the second vinyl we get to hear the deeper side of the release with 4 deep after hours tracks that vary from minimal dub vibes, bumping chicago house to astral drum and bass. On the reverse side closing out the LP are 4 tracks with 2 powerful female vocal driven tracks with deep melancholic grooves and an uplifting anthemic house track to finish off the LP.
Groaning bass is combined with a menagerie of twinkling sounds, chirps and effects straight from another galaxy.

Next up is ‘MK Ultra’, named after the infamous CIA mind control experiments (“Involves several drugs and electrodes plugged into the brain”).
This one utilises layers of retro instrumentation to take hold of your subconscious and get that body moving uncontrollably…

Finally, ‘DTR’ is 10 minutes of Gamarra demonstrating his production prowess, bringing together groovy bass, sci-fi effects and a catchy earworm, whistling melody…

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