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As with any supernatural source of energy, there are multiple rumors on the origins of Jigit. Some say it landed on earth during a meteor shower and transmitted itself to the witnesses on the beaches of Bahia, causing unbreakable bonds. Others believe that it was reincarnated from the ashes of cedar trees during a ritual in the holy mountains of Mesopotamia. There are even ones who believe Jigit is a fearless deity, and the last descendant of the dancing warriors of Nyabingoa, who appeared in the depths of a mystic desert with a carved watermelon on his head, sent from the heavens to protect the tribes’ people of Gerlach in their quest to unite the forces of nature through transcendental songs.. One thing that is certain is that Jigit appears in times of uncertainty, to conquer fear, turning it into weapons of mass creation through messengers of love and unity. Now is the time to document the stories of Jigit, in order to spread the vibrations to the people of this world. The story begins in the enchanting lands of the Ivory Coast. A story of rebirth, liberation and the rise of a new nation: Irie Nation. Setting the coordinates as “5.1398° N, 3.3238° W”, Irie Nation begins telling the story of the first encounter… Emerging out of the beaches of Assinie, Irie Nation is the first messenger of Jigit. Instantly captivated by the spirit upon arrival, he channels the undisputable energy which saves the life of a dear friend from a lethal whirlpool in Ivorian waters. As they escape back to familiar territory through the jungle, they are faced with numerous obstacles before reaching asylum. Listen to the sounds of Irie Nation as the legend of Jigit unfolds. The A1 and A2 are paint the landscape of the magic beach of Assinie, captivating basslines, that are instant classics to the ear once they are heard. A3, tells the story of struggle for life in the raging white waters, sinister arpeggetions that spiral around the head like the menacing currents of the Atlantic Ocean. As we continue to the flipside, it all comes down to celebrating life. Irie Nation, introduces his motto, “Vibrations & Soul” spoken by one of the most renown figures in modern philosophy. We’ll give you a hint: “Turn on, tune in, drop out…” and don’t forget to shake that ass! The first chapter concludes with the transcendental Champetrance (Abidjan Speed Chase Mix), a true masterpiece to the identity of Irie Nation and his heritage. Fusing champeta and West African elements, all glued together by a spirit of rave. Proving that people from all over the world can come together under the grooves of Irie Nation! Can you Jigit? Early support by: Raresh, Magda, Jonny Rock, Lamache, Varhat, Laylla Dane, CAP & O.BEE.

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