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Simone Adinolfi

Mind Borders is a journey around the various states of consciousness , from the more aligned and lucid one to the most clouded and obscured until it is completely absent and out of focus.

Side A is made of two tracks by the duo Haokah; while in “Clearview” the mood is peaceful and happy, synths are playful and dreamy, accompanied by a solid bass line, in “Misted Mind” we find their typical twist, fast and yet meditative with hypnotic sounds and introspective voices.

Simone Adinolfi closes the EP with an extended track in the B side that incorporates the dark side of the latest times, where heavy and intricate percussions are blended together with mesmerizing and airy harmonies, taking you through different emotions, as an escape from reality to be finding peace..”Out Of Now”.

Vinyl only, limited copies.

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