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New artists on Toy Tonics! gome are an organic disco duo from Hamburg. Two guys that make good mood disco inspired by the 1980 Italo and Munich Disco vibe and share an addiction to gourmet food. Positive vibes, rolling grooves, catchy melodic bits and vocals and a lot of musicality.

The guys come from Hamburg where they keep strong connections to the other Hamburg disco artists (Erobique, Session Victim..) as well as to Germany’s leading skate crews Cleptomanicx and Lobby.

For one track of the EP they invited one of Germanys most interesting underground rap artists to do a german hip house tune: Tightill. Funkiest guy from Germany on a mic.

gome add a raw energy to the currently growing house vibe. A live energy that real house music enthusiasts might have missed far too long. With an all-hardware / no-computer setup, their sound would best be described as honest and rough Live-House and Disco-Funk. Infused with elements of soul, boogie and synth-wave. Deliberately moving away from clean computerized music, the two musicians regularly pull out their instruments and play live in front of a club audience. Soon hopefully on Toy Tonics Jams worldwide.

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