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Venezuelan Producer Giorgio Maulini releases his first album ‘Purpose to the Culture’. It is a 10 track LP where electronic music meets old-school hip-hop breakbeats with a very rich house-music influence. The album has already received great support from heavyweights as Ricardo Villalobos, Sonja Moonear, Luciano, Archie Hamilton between others. In this album Giorgio offers a delightfull piece of work and a very characteristic personality wich defines his sound. This interesting character has been offering a very curious and exciting catalog of music in the last coupple of years and has a great schedule of releases for the next one too. Labels such as Pleasure Zone, Rawax, OGE and Kindisch, to name a few from his portfolio. He is also a resident DJ for the big Swiss Caprices festival and Modernity events based in Crans-Montana, a ski resort where he resides and works as a proffessional ski instructor and runs his own events and label ‘Underground Town’. The album has a very special vibe from beginning to end. A mature work where you can actually listen to the amount of work and attention to detail the venezuelan has crafted into this double 12’’ LP coming out by the end of this year.

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