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If Samosa Records combining with Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers sounds like a match made in heaven, then here’s the proof. Samosa Records bangs down the door of 2021 with an absolute peach of an EP from the supremely talented Tuscany based trio – Dirtyelements & Drunkdrivers.

This latest gem from the Samosa juggernaut features four tracks that ooze with sumptuous disco and funk fudge, sprinkled with a secret ingredient known only to these Italian masters.

First up is Baby: “How’s everybody feeling?” is the question asked. The twisted disco bass line, perfectly filtered brass and stomping beat provide the perfect answer. Then the vocal. Oh my – the vocal. It lands like the first ice-cold beer on a scorching hot day; guitars kick in with the swirling brass ensemble and this groovy train is suddenly at full steam. The melody and tight production are in perfect harmony – it hits you like an aural pleasure ray-gun that stuns the senses. DJs will drop this one on the crowd cold. No warnings given.

Next is Disco Ball (Feat. E.M.A.) – from the get-go this is a Class-A funky and chunky number. The ethereal voice samples lure you to a smoke-filled dance floor with a disco slapping bass, a stupendously uplifting brass fanfare and mesmeric three-string guitar riff – wrapping you in a hot, musical tortilla. A breakdown full of mono synth stabs and soft electric piano flakes are added to the recipe; building to a crescendo stuffed with brass, funky bass, wah-wah pedals and a wickedly soaring guitar solo. A serious dance-floor mega-bomb that shatters the glitter ball and makes the hairs stand on end.

Leading on the flip-side is the EP’s title track, Never Give Up (De Gama Re-Built). Low frequency beats kick things off as the claps tantalise. Subliminal guitar licks motor into delicious electric piano stabs. Then the sax. THE sax. It’s all about the sax.

The whole groove flows majestically, combining subtle and complex key changes – this has De Gama’s deft touch all over it and the combination is glorious. A track that truly evokes memories of smoke-filled clubs calling you; powerful bass unites with a heaped serving of cowbell and then the wonderful soaring vocal takes over. This is a solid-as-stone cut; everything fits together, everything makes perfect sense. The message is “You have to dance. You have to lose yourself”. This will be a massive DJ favourite to get juices flowing.

The final track is Do It Funk: Swinging and intoxicating – this is raw, punchy and demands your attention from the first beat. The soul and funk vibes slip this into cruise control and it’s one hell of a ride, with a sensually wicked sax melody playing across guitar licks and beat-skips. A track that showcases this trio’s diversity in their production skills and taste, and a perfect cake-topper for what is sure to be a classic EP.

This EP will be a must-have for those who are serious about the groove. A super-strong start to the year from Samosa – a label that only knows one direction. Upwards.

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