- Hoovers EP



Label: | COJV006

Club of Jacks presents their 6th vinyl-only release – Hoovers EP.
This heavyweight 4 tracker fuses that trademark Club of Jacks House & Garage sound with an injection of raw Rave energy, delivering an EP that’s as upfront as it is nostalgic.

Kicking things off on the A side is ‘The Hoovers Track’, an homage to a certain UK Garage classic (we’ll let you work it out) but with a twist – combining a slamming 909 beat with a dirty Alpha Juno hoover line and a roucous breakbeat on the breakdown. A2 track ‘Fall On Me’ is a bumping Deep House groove flecked with evocative old-school vox and samples that raise the temperature.

On the flip side, things get a little moodier with the 2-Stepper ‘Rub-A-Dub’ mixing heavy sub bass with organ grooves, pianos, chopped breaks, dancehall shouts and a sweet female vocal chant. Finishing off the EP is ‘Watch It’ which samples a voicemail from a conversation the COJ boys had with none other than El-B and cuts it up over a rolling 4/4 bass groove. Limited edition clear vinyl hand-stamped pressing.

Written/Produced/Mixed by Club of Jacks.A Mastered by Henry@Pitchcraft.

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