Label: | NCP004

Veteran Chicago House pioneer Boo Williams delivers stand out genre melding EP on Italian record label, NICEPEOPLE. The three track EP meanders through elements of house and techno with real depth. This is the “LOL” EP, landing January 2021 on vinyl, and you can happily say this one fully lives up to its expectations.

The title track “LOL” chugs along with pure energy of sounds of the past, twisting beeps and bleeps whirring throughout. The shuffling drums make this one, brushing by as they continue to drive the opener. The clue is in the title here as Williams uses trippy samples of laughter which flash in and out throughout the duration.

Next on the agenda is “Backwards Run”, a blissful deep and emotive encounter with Boo doing what he does best. Trickling synths and pads meander around a clean cut house arrangement, voices circle around the belly of the track making this another hypnotic outing.

Elastic bass creates a sense of urgency in “Bangin Out”, the last of the EP which takes up the whole of the B-side. A real abrupt and direct track, the kind that leaves the crowd in a trance when utilised in the right moment, creating suspense in the club room before elevating to the next track. A tinge of acid and intelligent keys arrangement make this masterpiece.

This is Boo Williams at his finest once more, landing on a label that is not afraid to push a variety of sounds as long as the consistent quality is there. A real nod to sounds of the past, no egos in sight, just plain and simple effective dance floor sounds from one of the heroes of this vibe.

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