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Early support: Cezar, Raresh, Pedro, Priku.

As the summer heatwave rolls on, so does the music with the new arrival of record label Confucius. Brain child of Swiss DJ and Producer, Sandro Kuhne which sees the first release as a split EP between himself and Romanian talent Arapu, a fast rising name of the minimal house scene and who’s track “Pe Final” is a sweet somber thrill of groove and moodiness, tight kick and high hats, punching along with a snappy snare wrapping over a subtle melody and tight bass line. After hours or early sun rise set, this track has the fuel ready to ignite.

For the B-side we are spoilt with two tracks from Sandro Kuhne, the first entitled “Ephemeral” being a no holds bar intense groover, full of flickering sounds and cuts, stabs and detail. This one has a relentless energy and attitude to become a classic dance floor killer. The second song is “Sonorous” and is the deeper of the two, packing punch and funk while bringing in the atmospherics and trippy happy hands in the air

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