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Label: | SONO003

Sono Unica Records presenting SONO003 by versed Romanian producer Sepp.

As an opener, ‘South Side’ is a remarkably confident and cohesive work of art. An array of steadily thudding kicks and subtle bass lines that speaks in the language of bombardement – served on a sharp silver platter. The heavier weapon of the EP is found in ‘Sodermalm Island’, where rhythmic and physical alerts are cued in with Sepp’s sneaky voice darting through criss-crossing lines of his characteristic sound.

The flip side starts off with ‘Langholmen Area’ – a bouncy tale of racing rhythms, jacked to the max, like a slot machine with infinite outcomes. The B-side is followed-up by ‘Malaren River’, a track whose more placid energy hints on a glimmering jaunt filled with chimes and awe.

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