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Starting off with this first release IPRM001, Romanian producer Andi delivers two very strong originals.

The record starts with a very housey and groovy track on A side, followed by ‘a darker one’ on B side.

Both tracks are followed by two distinctive remixes from Cally and Dragosh respectively.

A2 is remixed by Cally and characterised on a dark line with a splendid groove , deep synths and intricately layered percussion.

B2 comes from Dragosh with a nice rhythmic structure, combined with deep bass driven undertones and amazing synths at the core of the song.

IPRM001 is more of a collaboration between the three Romanians who used to be flatmates in Milan back in 2011 while they were studying at Uni together, and used to produce music on a daily basis, experimenting with analog synthesis, software and hardware + weekly studio sessions.

Andi has previously released with both of his close friends as a duo ‘Andi & Cally’ followed by their second project known as ‘Disuasiv’ including Dragosh.

Their previous records were signed and released by Fear of Flying, Only300, Memoria, WE OR US and others.

Widely sold around the world and reaching Top10 electronic music-vinyl sales in Japan with their very successful Disuasiv EP from Brouqade in 2014.

Like any other record, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into it, so we hope you will enjoy it!

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